Say goodbye to drinks too sweet that are ruining your health, find out 0% Sugar, the first beverage system that flavors the water using your sense of smell.

Switch to healthier hydration while enjoying yourself.

Each capsule lasts between 10 to 15 days.

  • 1. Choose one of the 0% Sugar bottles and add still or sparkling water.

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  • 2. Choose the 5 capsules offered of your choice, insert then pull it upwards to activate it

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  • 3. Drink flavored water using your sense of smell.

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  • Unique sensory experience

    Our bottles offer a unique sensory experience by allowing users to discover a new way of enjoying water.

  • health and wellbeing

    Our 0% Sugar bottles encourage greater water consumption by making natural water more attractive.

  • Variety and customization

    Whether it's a touch of lemon, a note of apple or other creative flavor combinations, everyone can create their own tailor-made flavored drink.

  • Ecological and economical

    Our 0% Sugar bottles also encourage more sustainable choices such as reducing pollution or a more economical solution in the long term.

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