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How does the brain interpret taste?

The majority of tastes are perceived through olfactory receptors (a part of our body that plays an essential role in our sense of smell).

0% Sugar owes everything to retro-olfaction! In fact, it is thanks to it that we can flavor water, without touching it. Our bottles, but especially our capsules, flavor the air you breathe with each sip for a unique hydration experience.

The receptors in your nose interpret this inhaled air as flavored water, even if it is not flavored at all!

What does a capsule contain?

The flavors in our capsules are completely natural: fruits, spices, aromatic herbs, nothing but real! The flavors are contained in an airtight capsule.

Wondering where our ingredients come from?

Although we cannot reveal all our secrets to you, we can guarantee that we use a quality supplier who only extracts from natural sources. Our team then concocts the most creative and surprising flavor combinations from these natural ingredients and voilà: a capsule is born!

In addition, our capsules are suitable for those who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.

How to properly close your water bottle?

Our water bottles have a pressure valve on the upper part of the mouthpiece which ensures continuous hydration. To avoid any leaks, sip without tilting your bottle! Keep it straight as if you were drinking a glass of water through a straw. Be careful, water can also leak if the capsule is not properly attached to the nozzle or if the cap is not properly closed.

How to take advantage of the full potential of your capsule?

If your capsule is activated and you hear bubbles when you sip, it's a sign that it's working well!

1. Make sure your water bottle is assembled

2. Check that the capsule is activated (pull it upwards).

3. Check that the straw is inserted completely and into the tip.

If after all these checks, the capsule still does not work, follow these two steps:

4. Try another capsule to see if the previous one was defective or if it is not the bottle.

5. Completely disassemble and reassemble the bottle.

Why these bubbles?

Our bottles release small air bubbles, this is completely normal. These bubbles carry with them the aromas of your capsule that your brain associates with the taste of water, without adding anything to it!